Show Me Your Mumu

Peta-Boo Tunic ~ Malibu Love Inns

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This super fun little lady loves a bit of adventures. Malibu Love Inns’ blue fades in and out as her pinks and creams play around in a super intricate pattern. Distressed denim and whites look phenomenal with her. Sprinkle on some silver and pewtered out gems and stones to pull it all together.

Incase you wanted to take your Peta up a notch on the flirty scale, we added a fun show of skin! Peta-Boo! We see you looking supa cute. Superb with Bam Bams or as a cool tunic dress hiding little Bri Lacey shorts underneath. These open shoulders are flattering either way you wear her.

*100% Poly Chiffon
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended

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